Professional HDB Plumber

There are two kinds of plumbing fixtures:

  • The one that carries fresh water across taps, showers, kitchen sink and others.
  • The other one that carries waste water from your home through the sewerage system

Both types of fixtures are functional and absolutely necessary for the households. At the same time, they can add beauty and appeal to your bathroom and kitchen. We don’t only consider aesthetics while purchasing plumbing fixtures, there are other factors, too, such as durability, quality, maintenance and cost.

To ensure your home’s water supply and sewerage system remains functional, you need to maintain in from time to time. Keep in mind that there are some of the components that need replacement and upgradation more often than others, because they’re being used too frequently.

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So, what should you do?

You can hire a HDB plumber for this purpose. But make sure he offers a full range of plumbing services. Here is a list of plumbing services meant to meet all your needs.


Fixture maintenance is by far the most sought after service. Get a recommended HDB plumber for periodic maintenance of your home drainage system, so it doesn’t choke or accumulate debris inside.

If you have a storage-tank water heater, it should be drained periodically to make sure it doesn’t develop sediments, debris and rust. If left for long, storage-tank heaters can affect other pipes in your home. As a result, maintenance cost will rise steeply, since some of your home pipes would be replaced. To avoid such issues, discuss with the HDB plumber and have this task included in your contract as well.


A professional HDB plumbing service minimizes the need of repair work. However, you’re going to need plumbing repairs at some point in time. Some of the repair services include:

Fixing hot water heater
Fixing broken garbage disposal
Repairing sewage line
Repairing main water line
Repairing leakages
Removing choke from toilet or drain, etc.
Installation Water Heater
Some of the issues can occur anytime, so contact the company that offers 24-hour plumber Singapore.


Many fixtures require replacement, because they’re being used regularly. For instance, a hot-water heater can last for 8 – 12 years approximately. After that, it needs replacement. Then there are other fixtures, such as drainage pipe, faucets, toilets, garbage disposal.

Here, it is important that you replace old and outdated plumbing fixtures before they start bothering you. You can rely on professional HDB plumber service to deal with these issues.


Some homeowners tend to keep their homes up-to-date. So, they invest in latest installations to enhance the look and style of their houses. Taps, toilets, showers are the most common fixtures that are being upgraded on regular basis. But these upgrades are not just meant for style enhancement, they can help you save water and energy, too.


There is a huge difference between ordinary plumbing service and professional HDB plumbing service. You can instantly identify the difference between the two, by test running the entire water system for 10-15 minutes.

1) Make sure that the upgraded shower delivers the water at the right pressure.
2) Ensure that the replaced pipe is fixed properly

HDB plumber is a licensed position that demands years of training and a particular skill set. So, before hiring a plumbing company, make sure they offer experienced and highly qualified staff to undertake the responsibility.

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