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Rubbish Chute Installation & Replacement

How to Maximize Safety of Rubbish Chute Installation

Rubbish Chute is an inclined or vertical passage people use to drop garbage or rubbish for disposal. They are common in high-rise buildings in big cities. In Singapore, home to some of the tallest residential commercial buildings, rubbish chute installations are more than necessary to dispose waste on daily basis. We use garbage chutes regularly, so they need proper care and maintenance to function smoothly without causing hygiene issue.

Similar to drain pipes, rubbish chutes should be kept clean to prevent flying insects, cockroaches, ants and other crawling species from entering into your house.Rust-coated rubbish chutes are hygienic because they always have a chance to develop unnecessary holes that can easily accumulate debris. Holes with sharp edges can tear plastic bags and expose the waste as it moves to the trash storage on the ground.

Rubbish chutes can easily develop an unbearable smell that enters your house and affects the internal environment. Suppose, you take all necessary precautions but the person downstairs doesn’t clean his floor too often. It will impact your floor too. It’s dangerous for pets and kids, especially when your home lacks proper air ventilation unit.
These are just a few examples, there are many other things to take care of, and you cannot do it on your own. All the occupants on every floor have to take individual responsibility of cleaning their apartments to keep bad odor and vermin away.

You can find a number of good handyman services in Singapore that take care of maintenance, repair and replacement of rubbish chute.

safe & secure

5 Things to Ensure Safe and Secure Rubbish Chute

Fire Threat:

The issue of bugs and vermin is one thing, but fire is more dangerous. A trash buildup at the base of the chute poses a hazard it might catch fire anytime. Gases coming out of rotten food, perfume bottles, expired medicines can be stuck in an air-tight entity and the slightest exposure to oxygen may result in a fire explosion. Therefore, it is more than necessary to let our licensed plumber Singapore Inspect it periodically.

Components that need replacement:

The unit and the frame may not be needing any replacement, because most rubbish chutes are made of stainless steel. But, the smaller components – hinges, latches and pistons – need regular maintenance.

Ensuring secure chute doors:

The latching mechanism ensures proper, air-tight closing of the chute door. Securing the door properly is very important. It not only prevents bad smell and insects but also an accidental fire that might enter your apartment through a half-closed door instead of running straight upwards.

Replacing major components:

While pistons and latches can be replaced by anyone, you need a professional contractor to replace rusty hinges and other major repairs.

Cooperation is must:

Most buildings in Singapore have support staff that’s responsible for keeping chutes and disposal rooms clean and active. But building committees and boards should also play their part in reminding the residents to cooperate by keeping their places clean.