General Home Improvement

Your Handyman Also Does General Home Improvement Tasks?

Yes, he does and he does them with flair. Let’s have a look at what all he would do if you hired one for a few days:


Attic Stairs repairs & Door Installation

Your attic often needs repairs despite it not always being an easy room to access. You can easily get a drop down staircase installed and use your attic space for storage and more.


Attic Insulation

He would also check insulation level and quality. Your handyman will make recommendations and install insulation or air conditioners or heater as a part of general home repair.


Mold Prevention

This is very useful during rains especially because your attic’s ceiling is very prone to it and if it has any cracks and holes, the moisture from outside will create mold, mildew and wood rot and this could even spread to the rest of the house.


Vent Cleaning

It is very important to keep your attic and roof vents completely clean so that they allow air to flow throughout the space. This also forms a part of your general home repair.



Your basement is very often overlooked and thus you can’t even use it as a storage space. Your local handyman can complete any number of projects in there whether it is related to flooring, drywall installation, or final paint touches, etc.


Custom Shelves & Bookcases

If you feel that your study or library or bedroom is incomplete without your lovely books, it is time to hand him the task of adding custom shelves. Custom shelving, their repairs and maintenance are not difficult chores now that you have a professional to manage the space and add more functionality to it.


Closet Door Installation and Repair

Your home and particularly your bedroom are just incomplete without a great closet. You just have to pick the ones you like, and the expert will install them. If you want to repair a damaged door or replace your mirrored doors and panels with solid wood, there is not a better option than your handyman.


Desk Assembly

Any general repair needs related to your desks anywhere in your home can be managed in jiffy by your handyman! They understand the fittings and assembly procedure of all kinds of tables and desks so that you are sorted out.


Deck & Patio Repair and Construction

All general and special repairs related to your patio and deck can be handled by your skilled handyman. Even adding a new deck to your backyard along with heavy duty fittings so that it lasts you for years can be done.


Kitchen Repairs and Installation

We all need something or the other repaired or replaced in our kitchen. It is the general norm for many handymen nowadays that they are well versed with any and all kitchen related woes such as:

  • Cabinet repairs and replacement
  • Tiles replacement
  • Backsplash repairs
  • Grouting of the kitchen tiles and other minor repairs

Don’t underestimate the talent and reach of your Singapore handyman. Hire Kiasuplumber for your home today!