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At KiasuPlumber, our skilled handyman is equipped with different type of tools to mend your toilet, tiling, carpentry or even ceiling works. We are capable of almost any type of home maintenance work, if you can name, we do it. While working on your job, our reliable handyman Singapore are also particular about cleanliness and take pride in our works. We will keep things hassle free for you while achieving what you want.

Useful handyman Singapore tips

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If you are living in cities characterized by a routine, such as Singapore, even a minor handy work or plumbing issue costs a lot. Before engaging a handyman services in Singapore, for cost saving solutions, we have compiled these great techniques to combat some of the most common plumbing problems encountered by almost every home. Solve your most common household fixing problems quickly and effectively.

Clearing choke

Did you know that a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and hot water is an effective tool to get rid of choked sink? Pour around a gallon of boiling water down the drain. Dump in around a half cup of baking soda and let it sit for 5 minutes. Now pour a mixture consisting of 1 cup very hot water and 1 cup vinegar down on the top of baking soda. Cover it with drain plug and let it stay for 5 to 10 minutes. Flush a pot of boiling water one more time. Hot water loosens grimy sludge while chemical reaction with soda and vinegar jolts it loose. Then one final super-hot rinse makes all the debris go by-bye. It’s that simple and economical.

Troubleshooting a leaking pipe

For leaky pipe, you can consider installing a pipe clamp. It is a tool that has especially been designed for troubleshooting leaking pipes. This clamp bears a rubber gasket tied permanently to it, which can easily be fitted around a leaky pipe. Just put a clamp over the hole and then tighten integral screws, holding it in the place and forming a permanent seal. You should not worry about getting this tool since these pipe clamps are highly cheap and readily available at all home improvement stores.

Fixing a plumbing joint

You will be surprised to know that how useful Teflon tape can be when it comes to fixing a leaking plumbing joint. By using the Teflon tape, male threads are to be wrapped. Working on threaded pipe’s one end that is facing towards you, wrap Teflon tape clockwise. Generally, three layers are more than enough. You may sometimes encounter a joint loosening which may need 4-5 wraps. Teflon tape can be applied in more layers to avoid this problem. Now layer a Teflon compound made for joints, on to it. If you have a plastic pipe, use the compound especially made for this material. Now make threads manually through wrenches, before you tight this connection. Remove all residual in the end, if any.

Stopping Running toilet

One major cause of a running toiler is its flapper that doesn’t seal. Check your flapper if it is leaking. To replace flapper, turn off water supply valve under your toiler. Then, flush the toilet for draining out most of the water and then unhook an old flapper. Install the new flapper as per step-by-step instructions were written on the package. Lastly, hook the chain of flapper onto flush level arm in order to have a little slack while the flapper is closed. However, if you are still encountering difficulty in resolving your problems, it might be better to hire a recommended plumber Singapore instead.

Caulking Services

Bathroom tubs having bad caulking causes water to seep under the floor and behind walls, which is highly damaging to wood as well as wallboard. It radically damages the downstairs ceiling or basement also. The caulking services help the restoration of the tub’s look, prevention of water damage and mold growth.
You can also follow these steps on regular basis to get rid of bad caulking:

Clean loose grout, if any, present between the tub floor and walls.
Use mold-killing solution or powder to treat mold found in the grout.
Remove grout through scrubbing and wash off the mold killer from the surface.


Installation & repair services

Our handyman installation services cover a broad range of areas. Services Include :

Installation of bathroom fans.
Inspection of venting path and adding new tubing
Installation of basic light fixture
Installation of bathroom accessories
Installation of showerhead & sink
Drywall repair
Installation & repair of procelain, ceramic & stone tile.
Installation of rubbish chute
Installation of TV bracket
General home repair

Our handyman in Singapore has been serving our dear resident since 1998. We hope our humble experience accumulated over the years would give you hassle free & get your job done efficiently. Should you need any of the above job to be done, kindly call our services hot line for a free consultant first before commencing your work.

more tips

Make stronger output through careful installations

You don’t always need an expert handyman in Singapore to prepare a sturdy product. The same can be prepared manually by any common man. All that you need is to observe little things. For example, make sure when you install any hardwood floor that the terminals of the boards don’t align in adjacent rows. Rather, it would be better to install various rows prior the alignment of boards.


Addressing the Dripping Water challenge immediately

It’s a good idea indeed to trust the certified handyman services provider regarding the issues like dripping water. However, you can take temporary action prior that to save yourself from unwanted messes. First of all, if there is issue with copper joint for the dribble of water, which is not going to stop, all that you can do is to take help of sticky substances like the blend of flour or something like that to huddle the stream of water.

Save the budget for Store Open Paint

Often time, we look for cheap handyman service to save some bucks. However, we can also have control over the budget by trying on our own too. Take the case of store open paint for example. You don’t need to employ a specialist every time for it. These paints can be easier upon using the glass jars as these don’t let the paint get dried easily. To make sure that the paint doesn’t cover the lid and moreover the air enclosed wrap, adding the layers of tapes around the jars prior putting the lid on can be a better idea.

We hope that these valuable and simple home repair & handyman services tips would be of help to you when the time arise. For more such tips and smart techniques, stay tune to our blog.

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