Exhaust Fan Installation

You Thought We Forgot About Exhaust or Bathroom Fans Installation? Nope, How Can That Be?

It has become common to see many homeowners are now investing in an all new generation of efficient and quiet bathroom fans. These are now available at shopping centers, malls and even online for purchase. Some leading heating, ventilation and air conditioning suppliers also sell them and you can choose one for your home from their incredible collection of designs and models. Look for a company that provides handyman services & leave the rest of the dirty job with their hand tools, power drill and a jigsaw.

Right from hand sawing small drywall openings and driving sheet metal screws and handling the aluminum ductwork to climbing on the roof, everything has to be taken into account for. If you are staying in a private property, he will also saw roof vent openings, disconnect and reconnect all important electrical wires and also manage tight duct clearances while doing it. Hence, hire an experienced handyman for the job is critical as he would also need to understand the use of roof brackets, roof cleats and safety harness to ensure secure footing and fall protection.

2 steps for bathroom fan Installation

Removing the Old Fan and Separating the Motor Assembly

Your handyman would start by turning off the power at the main panel and then pulling down the grill cover and removing it. Then he would unscrew or pry out the motor assembly of the old fan using a screwdriver. Safety always comes first and thus safety goggles are important and he would make sure that he brings one pair for you too if you wish to observe what he is doing. As he pulls down and snaps off the old grill, he would also watch out for falling debris. The motor will be unplugged and removed from the housing.


Installation of the New Exhaust / Bathroom Fan

Then comes fitting the new fan housing and that is ensured when your handyman removes every trace of the old assembly. An outline will be required to fit in the new fan housing. He would enlarge the hole with a drywall saw if need be and also pay attention to the ceiling joist locations. You will notice that most quiet fans are larger than the old fans that make noise. In case he decides to install the fan from the attic or the floor or room above your bathroom he would make sure to take mounting brackets, aluminum elbows, sheet metal screws, and drywall screws, and electrical cable staples, along with electrical clamps, caulks and duct clamps. Yes, your handyman comes fully equipped for any kind of issues that might arise when doing bathroom fans installations. After installing the exhaust fan, he would run the ducts and attach the aluminum elbows to the exhaust ports and then the duct lines to the elbows. When he is done with wiring and securing all the lose parts of the fan in place he would test it for functionality and absence of noise. That brings us to a very important aspect of bathroom fan shopping.


How to Shop For the Right Bathroom Fan

  • Exhaust / bathroom Fan Size

Selecting the right size of the bathroom fan depends on the square footage of your space. You will find that many exhaust fans are typically sized by their ability to move air in CFMs or cubic feet per minute.


  • Exhaust / Bathroom Fan Installation

You will also find that most bathroom fans are installed in a ceiling. Certain models though can be installed in your wall. You decide the location according to your needs.


  • Features

New feature rich bathroom fans help make operating them more convenient. Many models have integrated lights and built-in heaters, humidity sensors, activity sensors, etc.


  • Noise Level

You should make it a point not to select a bathroom fan that makes lot of noise.


  • Efficiency

Energy efficient bathroom fans are in demand and you too should opt for them.