Bathroom Accessories Installation

Bathroom Accessories Installation – Section 2

This was just the start and you thought we are done? There are a few more things that your trusty handyman can do and one of those is upgrading & transforming your bathrooms. If your master bathroom is anything less than impressive and does nothing to amaze your guests, it is time to call up your handyman and hand him over the list of things you want installed.

Bathroom accessories are always underrated. Many families in Singapore who look for making their homes fabulous with the help of latest designs do not understand the importance of accessorizing. It is time that you gave your handyman the freedom and the access to your bathroom so that he can work his magic sooner rather than later.

Forget that moment of dread that you feel whenever a guest comes over.

Give your bathroom the much needed facelift with the following:

  • Brand new vanity and/or mirror
  • Towel stands
  • Tooth brush holders
  • Lamps
  • Fancy shower heads
  • Cleaning of the grout from your tiles or re-grout
  • Adding or replacing tile floors
  • Installing a brand new shower door or section to prevent water spillage

It doesn’t really matter whether you are looking to make just a few minor fixes to make your bathroom easier to use or liven up the area by adding some major accessories, or if you are looking for a complete overhaul of the room, all can be taken care of and in due time.


Key Bathroom Accessories Installations Include:

 Bathroom Fan Installation

That dingy and noisy fan is more than just annoying. You need to understand that no project is too big or too small for a professional handyman and even they know that this broken fan story is common to most bathrooms. It is very important for you to equip your bathroom with the right exhaust ventilation fans that are needed to keep it functioning well.


Lights and Fixtures

Impressive lighting is a major turn on, literally that is. The moment they turn on, they lure you in with their soft luminance and inviting aura. But for this to be possible you need to pick out a professional that understands the dimensions of the room and can come up with excellent suggestions based on the space. For instance if your bathroom has enough daylight entering through the lovely French windows, you would ideally go for reflective screens and mirror work to enhance it further during day without any artificial lighting. For night your handyman would suggest something that is elegant yet bright.


Small yet Crucial Accessories

Some other bathroom accessories installations include those faucets, toilet roll pins, seat covers, napkin dispensers, new shower heads, nozzles, towel stands and hangers, etc. Yes, all this can be handled by our handyman services in the blink of an eye.


Some Typical and Most in Demand Accessories and Repairs


  • Bathroom vanity repair or installation
  • Bathroom countertop replacement and repair
  • Tub and toilet replacement or installation
  • Custom made cabinets or designer inspired closets
  • Electrical and plumbing upgrades and repairs
  • Painting touches up