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What expert say?

Research says that lack of plumbing inspection, frequent leakages, long-term standing flooding water, moisture and humid temperatures make your home very favorable for bacterial and microbial growth. You must know that mold, the biggest plumbing problem in Singapore due to our humid climate, grows rapidly in homes having poor plumbing system with high degree of dampness and humidity. Always keep your building’s plumbing optimal so as to stop these health hazards from striking your homes.

who are we

Kiasuplumber, one of the leading plumbing services in Singapore, is a fully licensed, insured and bonded entity that you can trust for meeting all your plumbing needs. Established since 1998, we had fostered a team of skillful and well manner HDB plumber, readily available 24 hours to serve every household’s plumbing problem. All our plumber are PUB licensed & well trained with industry experienced to get you out of emergency plumbing problems in the most efficient way. We pride ourselves as an efficient team that is capable of working under pressure on complicated plumbing jobs.

To serve you better, our plumber is station at various part of Singapore. Upon request, we will send the plumber near your area and assist in your plumbing repair services. Reach our 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service Hotline @ 88205579!

Our core plumbing repair services include:

• Water leakage detection and fixing
Pipe repair and fixing
• Faucets and Sinks Repair
• Backflow prevention
Clogged Sink
• Leaky toilets, Slab leak, bathtubs and shower leakages
Water heater installation and repair services
• Garbage disposal repair
Drain cleaning services
• Trenchless underground pipes
Pipe Bursting
Exposed Copper pipe repair

why us?

Why Choose Kiasuplumber plumbing services?

Kiasuplumber has been offering the best plumbing services in Singapore for years. We believe ‘client satisfaction’ as the main parameter of our success. Our process is very simple. Based on your phone inquiries, we send our recommended plumber with all the tools required for the job, so as to ensure quick and efficient services.

  • Drug Free Workforce

    Our recommended plumber work in a professional way in Singapore without using any mind altering drugs so that you are assured that we are performing our best in work.

  • Work receipt

    We provide warranty for what we deliver. After the completion of work, we provide our clients the receipt of our plumbing work. This is how we have built an untouched reputation of our services in the market & give house owner a peace of mind.

  • No Hidden Cost

    Everything is explained clearly, from the description of the work to its price to its deadline. The quoted prices for labor and parts are guaranteed before the start of the work because we understand how important it is to deal with someone whom you can trust and count on!

our experiences

Our Experience

Our plumber aim to provide highly efficient and personable service to all the clients, resulting in a rich customer testimony.

It’s not much ago that we did complete bathroom installation with interpod prefabricated modular bathrooms for construction site. The client was amazed with our indepth cost analysis, acute attention for detail ad excellent workmanship. The perfection with which the prefabricated bathrooms were installed helped the client in launching the project to the market quickly and get a better return on investment (ROI).

The other time, we were called to resolve an emergency plumbing issue in the middle of the night. The pipe of the building was burst and need urgent attention. Two of our plumbers reached the location within 30 minutes with all the required tools and attended the repairs, as swiftly as possible. The client was elated with the quick, reliable plumber services in Singapore at the most reasonable price.

Helpful Plumbing Tips

Helpful Plumbing Tips

Get your Pipes Inspected and Maintained Regularly

Little did we know, plumbing pipes get damaged in time if you do not observe proper maintenance procedures. Since plumbing is a highly-technical part of home structure, you have to get professional help from this plumbing company so they can inspect the current condition of your pipes. If these pipes are not properly insulated or the material is already rusty, they have to insulate or replace them so you can be protected from water contamination.


Install Exhaust Fan in your Bathroom

Molds and mildew live and enjoy in a hot, humid, and unclean environment. These three are the best descriptions of a bathroom without proper ventilation. You need to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom so that it can remove the humidity and bad odor inside your bathroom. Exhaust fan installation is essential to prevent mold buildup in this part of your house.

Use Garbage Disposal for your Sink

Always bugged by drain clogging problems and slow draining of water in your kitchen sink? It’s time for you to install a garbage disposal then. This plumbing addition will surely make your sink usage more convenient. It can also protect your plumbing fixtures and pipes in the kitchen.


Install Advanced Plumbing Devices

Water leak detection devices, eco-friendly shower heads, and water-recycling pipes are only some of the most advanced plumbing devices that you can connect to your water supply network. Imagine having a device that will detect leaks before it gets worse; a shower head that releases fewer amount or water yet a higher amount of pressure so that you can still have a great bathing experience; and a system of pipes that recycles safe-to-reuse grey water and connects it to your garden irrigation pipes. These will all raise your water supply system a notch higher!

other services

 Electrical Services

 Painting Services

 Handyman Services

estimated plumber singapore price list

Install basin in home kitchen : $90 onwards

Supply & Install bottle trap in kitchen sink : $50 onwards

Install kitchen accessories; basin tap, mixer, kitchen sink, flexible host : $40 onwards

Remove toilet bowl choke : $80 onwards

Remove kitchen sink choke : $50 onwards

Repair & supply copper pipe : $100 onwards

Detection of water leakage in concealed pipes : $250