Pipe bursting

Have you ever wondered what the first step to do is whenever you see a busted pipe on your sink? Or what if it happens outside your house and you see non-stop and intense spray of water from one of your pipes?

Pipes interconnect these fixtures and fittings to ensure proper entrance of clean water and exit of waste water in a property. They are passageways of water in all plumbing networks of all residential and commercial properties. If these pipes get damaged, you can expect various problems, including:

  • flooding
  • water pressure drop
  • higher water bill
  • mold buildup
  • plumbing fixture malfunction

There are a variety of causes for pipe leaks and bursts, such as the following:

  • extreme weather conditions
  • ongoing underground projects within the vicinity
  • wear and tear damage
  • home and business renovation or construction projects

Whatever the reason why pipe bursting happened in your home or business premises, we at Kiasuplumber has trained and knowledgeable burst pipe repair professionals who are available 24/7 to assist you. Our services are as follows:

  • pipe repair for minor damage
  • pipe replacement for major damage
  • pipe risk inspection
  • flood clearing
  • mold buildup inspection

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All pipe repair services of Kiasuplumber are available for exposed and underground pipes of residential and commercial properties. We deal with all kinds of plumbing pipe issues, including sewage pipe bursting. Our pipe bursting contractors are available for emergency pipe leak or bursting services in any part of the country.

Simple Pipe Maintenance Tips

You won’t really have to reach the stage where you have to hire a professional to get your busted plumbing pipes repaired or replaced. You can choose to be proactive and observe some simple yet useful practices that will make your pipes last long.

Things you can do on your own every once in a while to avoid pipe damage and bursting. Check them out:

  • Don’t change the water pressure too often. Let it remain in one setting so that the pipes won’t be stressed out by a sudden increase in pressure
  • Hire professionals to do pipe inspection at least once a year so they can check for repair and replacement needs
  • Do a routine visual inspection of exposed pipes at least once a month
  • Make sure the exposed pipes are properly insulated
  • Don’t use chemical-based drain cleaning products, but opt for more natural drain clearing agents
  • Use a water softener apparatus for your kitchen fixtures