Leaking Pipe Repair

Leaking pipe repair

Leaking pipe seems like a small problem and may sometimes go unnoticed or unattended. However, if a leak is ignored and not promptly taken care of, it can cause more damage to the plumbing system. Water that is always leaking will corrode your pipes. If you need a plumber Singapore, hire one that is experienced, well versed, and have the best equipment to troubleshoot plumbing system issued compared to an average plumber.

Seeking out services from a plumbing company has a number of benefits. There are certain tasks that can only be handled by them rather than yourself. Copper pipes are preferred for most homes since they last longer than other pipes and can overcome harsh conditions. However, just like any metal, they will eventually corrode and develop leaks that if not timely repaired will cause great damages to your home.

leak detection

Leak detection professionals

Fixing leaking pipes should be left for a licensed plumber to take good care of. They have special equipment that detects where the leaks are coming from as well the right skills to use the tools. Knowing the right equipment to purchase is another key factor that is commonly overlooked by a homeowner. Too often, homeowner attempt to used their purchased part that is not necessarily effective for the jobs. A skilled plumber will pinpoint the leaking pipes, access the pipe and replace it without causing extensive damage to your home/business building material. This will save your time and money and more importantly the great amount of disruption to your home or business. After the work, a leak detection services will be performed and you will worry less on future issues.

What leak detection involves

A plumber has multiple ways to detect hidden leaks. This gives them a head start before bringing in advanced tools. To narrow down the search area, they have specialized in using the outward signs and clues. After detecting, they now bring in special tools like listening discs which hear water escaping from a pipe through layers of concrete. Pressure sensors are used to locate changes in temperature around a leaking pipe. A video camera is mounted on a long drain snake to get accurate images of the inside of the pipes, show the exact location of the leak, the extent and how appropriate to repair it.

Here are signs of a hidden leaking pipe in your house.

– Increased electric and water bills
– Wet spots on the walls
– Mold or mildew
– Damage walls or floors
Foul smell from drains
– Sound of water flow when tap is off

If you experience the above sign, give us a ring to repair the leaking pipe asap! We are specialized in pipe leak repairs and provide island-wide plumbing services. Kiasuplumber always offers the best advice for leak repair options. Don’t be left out.