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Replacement of Shower Screen

A shower screen is a rubber sealed water-tight glass screen that ensures to keep every drop of water where it should be. Though the glass screens are manufactured for durability, safety and resistance against knocks and bumps, yet they are not free from damage. A bathroom is a place where quality is constantly tested and wear and tear is at its most.

Over the time, even these screens can develop cracks, mold or stains, and in some cases, even the entire screen potion can fall out. In all the above instances, there comes the need for replacement of shower screen.

Since the glass of the shower screen is thickened, it can be hazardous to replace it by self if you don’t really know how to deal with it. And thus, a professional plumber should be contacted in order to handle the situation properly.

Advantages of Shower Screens:

Clean and dry bathrooms give a sense of class, hygiene and modernity.  Let us have the basic characteristics as to why shower screens are used:

1. Attractive

Shower screens make your bathroom look more polished and elegant. They complement your paint choices, hardware and flooring, giving the modernized look to your dull bathroom.

2. Customizable

Customization is the most important characteristics of Shower Screens. The customized shower screens fit seamlessly into any shower size, increasing the aesthetic sense of your bathroom’s design.

3. Desirable

Shower screens create an air of elegance, and increase the value of your home.

4. Durable

The glass of the shower screens is tempered and given treatment to strengthen. They are shatter and scratch resistant and work for years.

6. Non-Invasive

Shower screens not only give your bathrooms a luxurious look, but also get more  light into the enclosure.

7. Versatile

Shower screens offer an array of options to choose from. You can select the one that integrates best into the available space of your bathroom.


Types of Shower Screens:

Shower screens come in various types, designs and shapes. You can select one according to your needs and preferences. So, before really going to replace your shower screens, let us have a look at the various types of Shower screens:

•    Fully Framed Shower Screens:

Fully-Framed shower screens come in an array of designs, frame colors and types of glass to choose from. These are waterproof in nature.

•    Executive Shower Screens:

Executive shower screens come in various colors and are a cheaper substitute to semi frameless shower screens. These are made in set height and width so to suit the size of the shower opening.

•    Semi-Framless Shower Screens:

Semi-Frameless shower screens are traditional shower screens with the simple elegance of a customized frameless glass panel that can exactly be fit into the space of the bathroom.  You can get them completely personalized so as to fit the height of your bathroom.

•    Frameless Shower Screens:

Frameless Shower screens are entirely customized as per the available space. If you are looking for really different and a class apart, you are sure to go for these.

Shapes Of Shower Screens

The various available shapes in Shower Screens are:

•    Simple Wall To Wall Cubicles:

As the name suggests, simple wall to wall cubicles are used just to divide the bathroom into wet and dry portion. These can adopt both sliding and swing doors.

•    Corner Cubicles:

Corner cubicles occupy the least space. Since they are designed with one-fixed and two sliding or swinging panels for access, they can be fit into the smallest of the spaces.

•    Diamond/Curved Cubicles:

Curved Cubicles offer stylish design and elegant look. These are the best suited for bathrooms with limited space.

If you are looking to replace your shower screens, hurry up and contact our plumbers Singapore.