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Household Electrical Problems – A Headache & Source of losses

We encounter, on almost daily basis, many households suffering from huge monetary and non-monetary losses, occurring due to electrical problems. From electric short circuit in the washing machine, leading it to catch fire, to malfunctioning adapter damaging your smartphone’s battery and other valuable appliances, are just few of the cases. To the extreme, causalities due to touching bare wires accidently or using sensitive electrical appliances such as oven, microwave refrigerator, heater etc. inappropriately, are also reported on a frequent basis.

Plumbing Problems leading to Electrical Issues

As per one of the cases reported in Strait Times in Nov 2016, a washing machine in a home caught fire and was completely damaged. The bathroom’s ceiling, walls and air-conditioning pipes were also burnt. Upon post-fire inspection, it was revealed that leaky bathroom put the machine under water’s exposure. So, this is how poor plumbing conditions lead to electrical accidents, which in many cases, can be severe enough to cause home fire and even causalities.

Not to install any electrical appliances in the areas that are vulnerable to water leakages or not to operate the equipment under unsafe conditions like with bare feet, are some of the precautionary measures, our electrician in Singapore always encourages its clients to be informed about.

why us

Why chose our electrician?

Our electricians are based across Singapore. We are specialized indifference kinds of electrical services like circuit breaker repair, rewiring work, wall socket & lighting installation, etc, & are confident to solve your electrical requirement with speed and precision.

We are fully aware of the difference type of disturbing electrical problems that Singapore households may encounter. Hence, we have established a 24 hour electrician services team in Singapore to cater for emergency troubleshooting and aim to minimize the damage to the property and the stress caused to you and your family therein.

We don’t compromise quality for speed. Our team is based on critically evaluated and wisely chosen certified electricians who are trained to get the job done efficiently. The provision of reliable, safe and precise electrical services to our customers across Singapore is our top priority and it will always be as our guiding principle in offering services.

Services includes:

Ceiling fan Repair & Installation 
• Ceiling, standing & wall fans’ installation and repair

Wall socket, Fixture Installation & Circuit breaker
• Installation of new lights, sockets, switches and fans
• Installation of fitting
• Power socket repair
• Socket repair, phone line repair, intercom repair
• Bulb replacement and lighting repair
• Electrical kitchen appliances repair
• Electrical assessment
• Fuse trips
• Replacing faulty circuit breaker

Rewiring work
• Shifting power point location
• Changing or repairing existing electrical wiring
• Safety switch reset

Other services

Plumbing Services

 Painting Services

 handyman Services


Useful Tips

We recommend our clients to know the basic safety measures because it makes a huge difference in ensuring their home and family’s safety.

  • Read carefully all electrical instructions written or pasted over your appliances
  • Never use the services of uncertified or unlicensed electricians
  • Make you have regular electrical inspections if you are not sure about your home’s electrical mechanism, or doing any electrical work.

Our one-stop services keep thing simple for you. We understand that sometimes your home electrical appliance in the kitchen might require some plumbing work. Our team’s emergency plumber Singapore can assist in your this area too.

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