Electrical Rewiring Work

So, you’re planning to purchase a new home, eh? Congratulations on that but do remember, you have a lot of work to do before you can actually say your new house is ready to be occupied. You’ve got to think about the house’s structural integrity, if there are pests living in it, or if the plumbing pipes have been compromised, among others. But one component you should most definitely invest a lot of time on is the electrical wiring system.

Why home rewiring projects should be on top of the list

A home electrical rewiring project often comes last on the list when a newly-wed couple or a family wants to acquire a new property. If you have the exact same thought, better change that now and have the wiring system checked thoroughly first. As much as you want to assume that wiring systems can last a lifetime, this is really not the case at all.

Whether you are buying an old property or you have been living in your house for more than two decades, the feasibility and the need to undertake a home rewiring project should be of utmost importance. It’s something you should prepare for financially and schedule-wise. Otherwise, you’re gonna find yourself in the middle of a fire caused by a faulty wiring system. In fact, a Consumer Product Safety Commission study shows that outlets, junction boxes, and light switches connected to outdated aluminum wiring electrical circuits is a fire incident waiting to happen.

How to Determine If A Property Has Undergone Rewiring Projects

Before anything should be done to a house, a thorough inspection should be done first. The same can also be said to a residential wiring system in order to determine if something or nothing should be done to it. Now, one way to find out if your future home has been rewired is to check the fuse box and electricity meter.

If you see fuses that are made of white ceramic inside an old-school fuse box, chances are, a new round of rewiring work should be undertaken. That’s because these newer fuses around made of durable materials, will last longer, and ensure your electrical wires will have a fallback when the flow of current suddenly increases.

Take a look around and check the sockets folks. If there are different or varying socket designs installed, this could mean a partial rewire was done by the previous homeowner. Another sign is the color of wires used. If the wire colors differ in color when you check the electrical system, some wires might have been replaced due to age and some have been retained to reduce costs.

Preparing for a Wiring System Installation

After conducting a survey of your property, your electricians will have recommendations on whether to have a full or partial home rewiring project. Don’t be startled if the former is advised, because this undertaking can be done on a staggered basis, depending on your arrangements with your electrical contractor.

Once you have made that decision to have your new home rewired, it’s time to take action. First, make plans on where sockets will be positioned so an electrician can adjust the wires accordingly. Visualize where you’re gonna place your television or any appliance you’re gonna use constantly so you won’t suffer later when the rewiring work has been done. Last, but never the least, be prepared for the amount of time and money this task is going to cost you.

As the rewiring process is being done, appliances and heavy equipment will be moved and the power source will be turned off. Don’t worry though because having your home rewired to remove all the fire hazards is way less costly than restoring a house damaged by fire. When it comes to your family’s safety, money should never be an issue.

Getting a pre-owned home for your family is a fantastic idea and it should serve you well for a long, long time. What’s terrible is ignoring the state of the house’s electrical wiring system and thinking it’s working fine. So, before you go all out on your dream home, have its wired checked first and have it replaced if needed. Whether there a problem or not, you’ll have that peace of mind when you move in with your loved ones.